It is our mission to help ‘pick up the pieces’ of your life. We strive to save

and salvage your contents and preserve those of sentimental value.

At FRN we offer a complete contents restoration and furniture repair service. We understand that all possessions are meaningful and must be treated with respect. It is our goal to provide a peace of mind during an unfortunate or life changing event.

As a complete contents restoration service, FRN will pack-out the location of loss, assess all items for damage or repair, clean, carefully store and return when needed. FRN has over one hundred thousand square feet of space to service and stow items of all sizes and value. Each item is hand inspected for damage and individually cleaned for maximum results. Our service team uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning equipment to minimize cleaning time and damages to your property.

Our business is contents restoration. We assist contractors with the removal, cleaning, repair and storage of all contents items. FRN offers added value to your business by providing a quick, timely response with the comfort of not competing for mitigation, nor reconstruction services.

FRN provides a team of trained professional team members. Each service technician is provided with a complete list of policies and procedures to ensure we perform every task correct, every time. It is important to us that we give the same detail and attention to each client. We set the bar for service and lead by example with expectations.

Each project is managed onsite by a Project Manager. Our Project Managers ensure all inventory, repair, and damaged items are properly noted and reported. Our Managers are available to assist and answer questions on and off site. Our service technicians are task driven and each manager ensures that jobs are completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Our goals are to provide our clients with fast, reliable service. We are available 24/7/365 to provide services whenever the unexpected occurs. We may not be able to plan around tragic events but we can help pick up the pieces.





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